Tools I Like

Links to some development tools that I’ve found useful. Most are free, and some have a pay version for sale.

Chocolatey(free): Package manager, similar to NuGet in Visual Studio. After installing Chocolatey, you’re able to download and install programs with one line of code.

CodeMaid(free): Visual Studio extension for cleaning and re-formatting code.

FileZilla(free): FTP client

Gliffy(free): Browser app to create diagrams and flowcharts

LINQ, with a pay version available): A query analyzer-like tool to run LINQ queries. Also comes with lots of example queries.

Notepad++(free): A Notepad replacement and a source code editor, with built-in support for dozens of languages. I like the ‘XML Tools’ plugin which allows for formatting XML files with its ‘Pretty Print’ feature.

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer: Tool to view execution plans with many improvements over SSMS.

TortoiseSVN(free): Integrates Subversion versioning control into Windows Explorer.

Vertabelo(pay): Online data modeling tool. Free trial, with subscriptions or per-day usage available.

WinMerge(free): Tool to compare directories or to compare files. Differences can be merged from one file to another. I use this tool within Subversion to view diffs in file versions.

Scott Hanselman posts a list of his favorite tools periodically on his site.

Here are companies that provide SQL Server tools:
Apex SQL
Dev Art

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