SQL Server and other database technologies


I hope that visitors are able to find something useful and/or interesting among the pages and posts here.
My primary focus is with working with SQL Server but I’m also interested in NoSQL, relational theory and open-source relational database systems.

I’ve worked in programming in the Atlanta, Georgia, USA area since 2000.

Currently I work doing data integration between SQL Server, Oracle and Salesforce for a company that runs websites for apartment seekers.

Previous to that, I worked for or a British company that developed software for nurse line call centers, including the National Health Service of England and Scotland, as well as the national agency that handles certification of Physician Assistants. I worked there as a developer and DBA.

Outside of tech, I’m a fan of the Atlanta Falcons football team. I’m a runner, soccer fan and interested in trivia (I occasionally blog facts I run across at Trivia Rob.)


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