SQL Server and other database technologies

Downloads/3rd Party Tools

Cheat Sheets:

SQL Server T-SQL Cheat Sheet

Powershell Cheat Sheet

Python Cheat Sheet

The SQL sheet started with the sheet created by Pinal Dave at SQL Authority.

Other cheet sheets:

Added Bytes


Interview Cram Sheets:

I also put together some cram sheets to help refresh my memory before an interview, one on Database and BI, and another on developer and .Net facts.

3rd Party Script Downloads
Here are some stored procedures written and maintained by the SQL community that I’ve found very useful.

1)The first is sp_whoisactive, written by Adam Machanic. It is a great proc to monitor activity on a SQL Server instance to gather data to diagnose many kinds of performance issues.

The procedure can be downloaded from:

2) The second is from Brent Ozar, the sp_blitz procedure. This is very useful to return information for the administration of a SQL Server instance. Running the procedure will (among other things) let you know if there are databases that haven’t been recently backed up, a database with untrusted foreign keys, potential security issues, and the list goes on.

The procedure can be downloaded at:
Brent Ozar

A cool feature is that when an issue is discovered, the results will return a URL to Brent’s site to give more detail on the issue and steps to resolve it.

3) Ola Hallengren has a great set of database maintenance scripts.

Ola Hallengren

They are also available on GitHub

4) Glenn Berry has a set of diagnostic SQL scripts.

Glenn Berry

5) Greg Low of the SQL Down Under podcast has released a set of diagnostic and utility scripts:

SDU Tools

6) Kimberly Tripp: sp_helpindex

7) List Of Tools And Utilities

8) SQL Cop: tSQLt tests to highlight potential problems in your database

Other Downloads

Best Practices Analyzer: No version available for 2014 or 2016 as of now.

2012 Feature Pack: Command line utilities, drivers and other utilities.

Data Migration Assistant: Replaces the Upgrade Advisor.

Development Tools

Links to some development tools that I’ve found useful. Tools have a free community version available unless otherwise noted.

Chocolatey: Package manager, similar to NuGet in Visual Studio. After installing Chocolatey, you’re able to download and install programs with one line of code.

Diagrams.Net : Diagramming and flowchart tool – Web app or desktop app.

Notepad++: A Notepad replacement and a source code editor, with built-in support for dozens of languages. I like the ‘XML Tools’ plugin which allows for formatting XML files with its ‘Pretty Print’ feature. The ‘JSON Viewer’ plugin can format JSON, as well.

Postman: Great tool for calling and testing APIs.

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer: Tool to view execution plans with many improvements over SSMS.

Vertabelo: Online data modeling tool. Free trial, with subscriptions or per-day usage available.

WinMerge: Tool to compare directories or to compare files. Differences can be merged from one file to another.

Windows Terminal: Run multiple shells (like Powershell and command). I like having access to these in one place, plus the multiple tabs feature.

Scott Hanselman posts a list of his favorite tools periodically on his site.

Here are companies that provide SQL Server tools:
Apex SQL
Dev Art

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