SQL Server and other database technologies


Atlanta SQL Organizations

Atlanta SQL Server Users Group

Atlanta MDF Google Group

Atlanta Business Intelligence Users Group

Blogs – Atlanta User Group Members

Codegumbo – Stuart Ainsworth

Datachix – Julie Smith and Audrey Hammonds

Lance England

Riepedia – Rie Irish

Rob Volk

SQL Variant – Aaron Nelson

Prologika – Teo Lachev

Blogs – SQL Server and Databases

The Bit Bucket: Greg Low

Brent Ozar

InfoAdvisors: Karen Lopez

Kevin Kline

SQL Authority: Pinal Dave

SQL Rockstar: Thomas Larock

SQL Shack

SQL Skills Kimberly Tripp and Paul Randal

Vertabelo: Vertabelo is a company with a great online data modeling tool. They also have a great blog on database design and related topics.

PASS maintains a SQL Server Blog Directory along with Twitter handles.


Microsoft E-Books Free offerings from Microsoft. There are also selections for Sharepoint, Azure, Visual Studio and other products.

Redgate Registration required. Most books in PDF format are free.

Safari A pay service from O’Reilly where you can read an unlimited number of books each month. They have a free trial as well.

Syncfusion Registration required. Only a few SQL Server offerings, but there are other database-oriented offerings. Good introductions to the topics covered.


Brent Ozar Monday Recap – Also available on Twitter @BrentOzarULTD

Database Weekly A great resource, a weekly e-mail with lots of links to interesting database articles from the previous week.

DB Weekly Weekly roundup of SQL and NoSQL articles.

SQL Skills Insider


Ask SQL Family: SQL Player

Data Bits: Dallas DBAs – Started Feb 2020

DBAle: Redgate

Dear SQL DBA: Kendra Little

Group By: Audio of sessions from past Group By conference presentations

Raw Data: Rob Collie and Thomas LaRock

SQL Down Under: Sporadically released, but always good

SQL Server Radio: Guy Glanster and Eitan Blumin

SQL Data Partners: Carlos L Chacon – Started in August 2015

Voice Of The DBA: Steve Jones

Here are others that periodically feature SQL Server and database related topics:

.Net Rocks

Run As Radio

Professional Organizations

PASS Originally the Professional Association for SQL Server, PASS has widened to include all of the MS Data platform.

SQL Saturday PASS sponsored day-long seminars

SQL Server Sites

Simple Talk: Redgate


SQL Server Central
This site also has a great Stairway Series that has a series of posts on a particular subject, like SSIS, XML, Database Design, etc.

SQL Server Performance


Group By: YouTube Channel – Sessions from past Group By conference presentations

Midnight DBA

PASS Sessions Login required, but PASS is free to join.

Pluralsight is a pay site, but there is a free 10 day trial available. There are plenty of excellent SQL Server videos, as well as hundreds of other development videos available.

: Pragmatic Works – Pay service but free videos available

SQL Skills

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