SQL Server and other database technologies

Command Line

Windows Command Line Commands:
cd: Change Directory – cd .. = up a level – cd ./Dir = down a level into Dir
cls: Clear Screen
del: Delete Files
dir: List Directory Content
explorer . : Open current directory in Windows Explorer
help X : Documentation for command X
ipconfig: IP and Network info
mkdir: Create Directory
move: Move files
netstat: Display Connections
pwd: Present working directory
rd: Remove Directory
ren x y : Rename file x to y
systeminfo : System config – OS, memory, processors, etc.
xcopy: Copy Files

Shift + Insert – To paste into Shell

Linux Command Line Commands:

cat – File contents
cat dataFile | code.py – feed data to code module
cd : Change Directory – cd .. = up a level – cd ./Dir = down a level into Dir – cd ~ = Home
clear – clear console
cp – Copy
head -50 fromFile toFile – copy 50 records from fromFile and create toFile
history – list of commands run
ls – list files in current directory
man x – Get help for function x
mkdir – Create directory
mv – Move – Can also rename files
pwd : Current directory
rm – Remove
rmdir – Remove directory

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade