SQL Server 2014

A preview edition of SQL Server 2014 is now available:
Download SQL Server 2014

Three options are available:
Preview on Azure

The CTP is available only as 64 bit.

Ideally, SS 2014 would be installed on a clean or virtual machine.
At a minimum, no previous SQL Server editions can be installed. No Visual Studio editions with SQL 2012 components. So that rules out VS 2012, but previous editions appear to be OK. (I had VS 2010 and 2008 installed)

I did run into an issue with the install of the CAB files. I was prompted to install Akamai NetSession Interface, which would not complete for me. I saw the message ‘Press OK to close this popup and try an alternate download method’. Once I closed the dialog, the page displayed a green ‘Downloading Files’ box with three hyperlinks – ‘Click the individual file links to download using your browser.’

Links to three files:
SQLServer2014CTP1-x64-ENU_Core.box (2 GB)
SQLServer2014CTP1-x64-ENU_Install.exe (104 KB)
SQLServer2014CTP1-x64-ENU_Lang.box (750 MB)

Running the Install.exe will extract the files to a SQLServer2014-x64-ENU directory.
Run SETUP.EXE to run through the familiar steps for installing SQL Server.


Technet has a resource page at:
Technet SQL Server 2014 Resources

MSDN has links to whitepapers and videos on the ‘Hekaton’ feature (In-Memory OLTP) at:
MSDN – Hekaton