Some keyboard shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio:

New Query Window: ctrl + N
Toggle between open query windows: ctrl + F6
Toggle between tabs on results window: F6
Close query window: ctrl + F4
Results Pane on/off: ctrl + R
Execution Plan: ctrl + M
Comment out selected lines: ctrl + K,C
Un-comment selected lines: ctrl + K,U
Object Explorer: F8
Run Query: F5
Stop running query: alt + break
Parse Query: ctrl + F5
Save: ctrl + S
Select multiple lines to edit all lines at once – add commas to all lines, etc.: alt + shift + arrow
Close Window: ctrl + F4
Go To Next Query Tab: ctrl + F6
Change server connection: ctrl + F7
Change database: ctrl + U
Template explorer: ctrl + Alt + T
Refresh Intellisense cache: ctrl + shift + R

Windows Shortcuts:
Shift + F10 – Right click menu
Alt + Up Arrow – Go up a level in File Explorer

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