Now that I’ve completed my Bachelor’s (non Computer Science) degree, I’m going back to fill in some gaps in my knowledge of the basics of Computer Science. Here are some interesting links I’ve run across. A lot of these are lists of items that a good programmer should know, and some actually cover some basic material.

Oregon State U – Post-Baccalaureate: Oregon State has a one year online program for students to earn a 2nd Bachelor’s degree. A bit pricey at 28K, but still interesting to see the curriculum.
Programmer Competency Matrix: A good list of what a good programmer should know at various levels of their career.
Interview Cake: The ‘Glossary’ link at the top of the page has links to good explainations of basic terms in Computer Science.
aGupieWare – Bachelor’s Curriculum: A list of the general areas that should be covered by a basic Computer Science education, with links to recommended resources to cover those areas.
Syncfusion: Data Structures I and Data Structures II: Two free e-Books from Syncfusion that cover the basic data structures (Registration required).
Steve Yegge – Five Essential Phone Screen Questions: A good list of the skills an interviewer expects during an interview.
GitHub Gist: Technical Interview Cheet Sheet: A short list to cover basic data structures and algorithms.
Computer Science From The Bottom Up: Good online book (PDF and ePub available) on Computer Science basics.
Rob Conery – The Imposter’s Handbook: A great book that covers Computer Science basics, like Big O notation, data structures, and so on. The e-book is $30, a printed version isn’t yet available.
Brilliant: Computer Science Wiki: (Registration required) – GOod explanations on basic data structures and computer science concepts.