I have a Powershell script I created to script out the views and stored procedures in a database. Usually I just use it to find all the references to a particular table or column, but in this case I wanted to run the procedure on another database. When running the script, I ran into this error:
“A fatal scripting error occurred.
Incorrect syntax was encountered while parsing GO.”

The error came from the SQL in this script. (The issue is dependent on formatting, I couldn’t get the format to come through in the WordPress page).

At first I was puzzled, everything looked fine to me. I did have the extra space in the front of the third line, so I deleted it and re-ran. Still with the same error. I knew that GO needed to be on its own line (unless I added a number to indicate I wanted the batch to run that many times).
I came across this post that described the same error. I didn’t have anything on the same line as the GO, but I decided to check my Powershell script. Instead if using a carriage return and line feed after the GO:

I had inadvertently used a `v (a vertical tab) instead of a `n. Error on my part, but easily corrected.
Instead of regenerating my script, I could also save a copy of the script from SSMS.
In the Save dialog, select the arrow next to the Save button and select Save With Encoding.
Under Line Endings, change ‘Current Setting’ to ‘Windows (CR LF)’, then click OK and then Save.