When installing SQL Server and related components, there are several external tools that get installed as well. Here a few of the programs that show up under SQL Server (2016 or 2017) in the Start menu.

SQL Server External Tools:
Data Feed Publishing Wizard: Creates a linked server with a view that used the linked server to access the results of a SSIS data flow. Uses a data flow destination to create an endpoint-like interface. Uses Data Feed Publishing Components. add-on
Data Profile Viewer: View the XML output from a SSIS Data Profile task – Check for issues with data quality (Column Length, Column Pattern, Functional Dependency, etc.)
Database Engine Tuning Advisor: Uses a workload file, Plan Cache or Query Store to analyze a database and to make recommendations on changes to make for improved performance.
Deployment Wizard: SSIS project or package deployment
Execute Package Utility: Run SSIS packages
Import and Export Data (32 and 64 bit): Wizard for data imports and exports.
Installation Center: Add/Remove features, Repair, etc.
Project Conversion Wizard: Convert a SSIS package to the project deployment model.