I ran into an issue recently with saving SQL scripts to Google Drive. At work, we were using the Drive File Stream utility, which keeps your files on Google Drive. The utility creates a mapped drive on your machine, and you can save files to that location to have them backed up to Google Drive. This allows you to save space on your computer, since the files aren’t actually stored locally.
One day, I ran into an issue with saving scripts. When I saved a script from SSMS, the save operation would hang up and wouldn’t complete, and SSMS would crash. It turns out that the utility had been updated that day, so I assume some change made with it caused the issue.
I ended up changing over to using the Backup And Sync utility, where you keep a copy of the files locally, and the changed files get synced to Google Drive. You end up having to use hard drive space, but that utility seemed to work better with SSMS.