For the bulk of my career, I’ve worked primarily in SQL Server. However, in my current job, I’m working with SQL Server, PostGres and MongoDB. SSMS is a great tool for working with SQL Server, but I’ve spent some time trying to find a good query tool that can work with multiple databases.

I’ve already written about the DBeaver Query Tool, which I highly recommend. I also evaluated a few other tools, here are other tools that I found interesting.

*) Beekeeper Studio

Versions: Free
Databases Supported: MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, SQL Lite, Redshift, CockroachDB
Features: Intellisense, Object Explorer, Saved Queries, Query History

A straight-forward query editor, free to download.

*) Jetbrains Datagrip

Versions: Paid – 30 day trial
Databases Supported: Most relational DBs(Oracle, PostGres, SQL Server, mySQL), plus Mongo, Cassandra, Snowflake, among others.
Features: Query window, refactor, intellisense, query history, Data editor, Code formatting, inspection, Source Control integration, diagramming, Data import/export, script data.

Jetbrains make great tools. A lot of features around code inspection and refactoring.

Connecting: With host, instance, port, it wouldn’t connect to SQL Server. But worked when I removed the port number.

*) HeidiSQL

Versions: Free
Databases Supported: SQL Server, Postgres, MySQL, SQL Lite
Features: Query Editor, Data Import/Export, Data Editor, Query formatter

Good free tool. Some features are geared to MySQL, so I’m guess most users of HeidiSQL are running that.

*) DbVisualizer

Versions: Free and Paid (30 day trial)
Databases Supported:
Features: SQL Editor
Paid Features: Data import/export, script data, chart data, visual query builder, Export chart to file,
Test Data Generator, Monitor

The charting is a feature not found in most similar query tools. There is also a Monitor feature, where you set up a script to run at a defined interval. You can combine with charting to create a dashboard.

*) RazorSQL

Versions: Paid – 30 days trial
Databases Supported: SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, PostGres : 40+ databases supported
Features: Query Builder, Import/Export, Object Browser, Data Compare Tool, Table converter (convert to another DB type), Built-in relational database, Code editor (Java, Python, C#, Javascript, etc.)

Definitely a lot of features available. In additional to these database tools, there are these tools also built in: FTP CLient, Zip/UnZip, Run batch files, URL Encoder/De-coder, File Compare